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My name Firdia dwi junia putri you can call me firdia or Putri, I now class XI. Science 3 in SMA Negeri 8Tangerang, my  hobby play a musical instrument, reading novels, and all the activities of other women. My second child of three siblings with my mother a single parent. I was born in Jakarta in 6 June 1995. I also have many close friends and my best friend in high school named SMA Negeri 8 Tangerang Wulandari and Fidayanti Afrilia Putri, I am happy to be acquainted with them in SMA Negeri 8 Tangerang, but do not think I forgot my best friend in junior high school. my goal is happy my parents want only that my mother and could make my mother proud, and when I grow up I want pilgrimage with my mother, my sister, and my sister also. amen!
so my brief biodata